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Sometimes being Silent Speaks Loud

Sometimes we talk too much! We blurt out what’s on our mind, too quickly…..It’s OK to keep quiet sometimes….be a bit mysterious like this Madame Alexander Elise. She’s no Cissy, but she makes her own statement and doesn’t need to make a SOUND!

Structure is Great But sometimes Being Flexible can ease Stress

Sometimes our perfectly planned day takes a sharp turn, and we are suddenly upside down and weary! Have a small pep talk and fit in a plan b, even if it’s that walk in the park to clear your mind. Be flexible and bendable like Barbies tiny sister, Tutti. Sometimes the journal, the recliner, and […]

Small with a Big Heart

If something is bothering you, get it off if your chest! However, please be sure to bring it out in a respectful manner so you can be proud that you spoke up and not have any regrets. Don’t forget to live, laugh and love. Be fun and flexible like Little Tutti. A bit sassy with […]

Dress Up for a Mood Mood Boost

Listen up here! You’re allowed to have an off day! It happens! But what do we do when EVERYTHING seems to be going LEFT? Well, these Vintage 1962 Midge dolls dressed up in fun bright clothing….and seems to be heading to the beach for some much needed R&R…I suggest you to do something similar 😉


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