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Dress Up for a Mood Mood Boost

Listen up here! You’re allowed to have an off day! It happens! But what do we do when EVERYTHING seems to be going LEFT? Well, these Vintage 1962 Midge dolls dressed up in fun bright clothing….and seems to be heading to the beach for some much needed R&R…I suggest you to do something similar 😉

A Little Pity is Healthy, But don’t Wallow!

Sometimes things got you down….bills piling up…No extra cash for you morning Starbucks? Well after a little while of feeling sorry for yourself and being pitiful, pull yourself together with a plan! Do Doordash, Shipt, or even give a Lyft. Don’t be like little Miss No-name, who holds her hand out for an alm…pull yourself […]

Small But Mighty

Never feel “SMALL” or “INADEQUATE” because of how “LARGE” or “POWERFUL” another may seem. They too, are human and have the SAME human functions as EVERYONE else. Love yourself how you are! These Topper Dawn Dolls may only be 6″ but they are loved just as though they are an 11″ Barbie Doll and are […]

Go Out & Enjoy Your Day

Get out and enjoy the day! For many of us, Spring is arriving and the earth is budding. Allow your senses to be overcome with the sounds of nature and the beauty of the earth. Walking is nice or perhaps you can get a scooter to ride along and go to your favorite park or […]


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