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Be Loyal to Your Loved Ones

Many times, we lash out on the ones who are closest to us, without thinking, because they are the ones we are the most comfortable around. Be sure to hold them dear and near, and remember that they have feelings and they have your BACK! Ideal doll Sisters, Tammy and Pepper are not so close…

Don’t let Someone Else make YOU over

Be unapologetically you! And embrace it. Don’t allow someone else to influence you so much that you loose your own identity! There’s nothing wrong with following tips to better yourself…but do it for YOU. At least you will be the beneficiary of all the hard work and effort. Someone tried to make over Ideal’s 1960’s…

Sometimes being Silent Speaks Loud

Sometimes we talk too much! We blurt out what’s on our mind, too quickly…..It’s OK to keep quiet sometimes….be a bit mysterious like Madame Alexander Elise. She’s no Cissy, but she makes her own statement and doesn’t need to make a SOUND!


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