You Can’t Look At A Doll & Not Smile

Just look at Tiny Betsy McCall, an American Character Doll, an 8″ Jointed, Hard Plastic, Doll, popular in the 1950s…. Doesn’t she just look so lovely…can you just imagine playing with her, trying on her many outfits as a young child, or pehaps admiring them as an adult.. (You most likely have a soft smile starting….)

She was made in many forms. She was made as paper dolls by the McCall Magazine in the early 1950s. Ideal doll company made her as a 14″ hard plastic doll. American Character made her in many different sizes, including a 29″ Playpal doll, the size of a toddler…Imagine that; A 5 year old child toting her 3 year old “sister doll” through the house, for a tea party! I don’t know about you, but I’m all smiles! 😊

Bon Voyage Outfit

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